we love the ocean / we love surfing / we love sea turtles

hand crafted individually poured surf wax

made from our little factory in the hills


for all our unique surf wax blends

4 unique sticky honey surf wax offerings

our AMAZING surf wax blends has got your board covered in all water conditions.

we understand surf wax is a personal thing.

simply choose the pot of our EASY BEAD unique sticky honey surf wax for your water temperature range/ climate.

….or, if you are as fussy with your wax as we are then we recommend using one of our harder surf wax blends as a base coat followed by a top coat of one of our softer blends depending on the water temperature where you live.

our Wax rated by temperature

we have found that individual surfers prefer different types of wax even in the same water temperature and conditions.  Surf wax a very personal thing like our individual approach to the wave or the choice of board for the conditions. 

WARNING: use super sticky topcoat AT YOUR OWN RISK. You will stick to your board like never before, however you will have to reapply this gooey top coast more often.
1 °C+
11 °C
cool 11-18°C
18 °C
warm 18-25°C
1 °C
super sticky topcoat

3 simple steps to an awesome wax job

step 1


step 2


step 3

circle work

If you follow this simple method your board will have beautiful grippy beads. Now get out there and have a great surf…….

Bamboo Fibre compostable surf wax pot

Our Bamboo fibre surf wax pot is the perfect eco-friendly solution as it is 100% biodegradable and compostable. A great ocean safe sustainable packaging solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are updating our stockists all the time. Check out our social media pages for all our fantastic local partners.
Look out for the sticky honey surf wax co. wagon at your local markets around Coastal Northern NSW and South East QLD. Keep up to date via our Instagram.
sticky honey surf wax co. uses locally sourced bees wax from the Byron Bay area in all four (4) of our special wax blends. We responsibly source quality biodegradable non toxic products and ingredients.
We like to keep our wax as natural as we possible can. That is why we have chosen not to use harmful plasticizers, rubberises or tackifiers in any of our sticky honey surf wax unique recipes.
Our surf wax is hand crafted and individually poured in small batches at our little surf wax factory in the hills near the border of N.S.W and QLD. We even stir all our wax with a wooden spoon.
That’s an easy one …cause we love Sea Turtles. The gals and guys at Sea Turtle Foundation do so much towards research and protection of these very special and majestic creatures. Our favorites are the Green Sea Turtles.
A percentage of every single pot of sticky honey surf wax sold financially supports the Sea Turtle Foundation.


unique distributor opportunities are currently available for local surf shops / surfboard shapers and beach cafes throughout Australia.  Our company sees our distributors as business partners.  As a small local business ourselves we are very conscious about partnering with and supporting your business.  We would love to show you how we can assist with our unique partnership package.